Thursday, December 15, 2011

my favorite collections ✌

this is my favorite high heel , kinda ROCK rite ? haha

this is look elegant and i never use this one

i always use this one when hangout w family
because i like this high heel design ~

makes me comfortable

haha i lovethissomuch because look cutiest
one important thing is smaller !

there are my favorite heel !
actly i got a lot of high heel
but i just take some picture
of my favorite high heel :D
i spents a lot of money
just to buy high heel,
very wasteful haik ?
my mum always said
"stop buy high heel anymore you got a lot of high heel

you just waste a money
better you buy
sumthing more useful "
but me ?
" nope , i still want to buy that
because i want to add my collections .

okey this is my favorite shoes ,
i really fallin in love w this shoes
since the 1st time i saw this shoes

finally my dad buy this shoes for me
:119: hehe..

thanks for view my blog ™

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